Monday, December 15, 2008

cool toy or boring toy, not that hard a choice

O.k. if you could have a toy, any toy in the world you would get a good one, a big one(right?). Egyptians had toys but only one was found the most, board games. They also had others toys such as bouncy balls, pull-toys, stuffed animals and more.The Egyptians all so love to watch wrestling, do you? You probably so it differently, they watch it live!! Now okay, mister I'd rather sit on the couch it's probably way better. Now if you don't enjoy wrestling you'd probably enjoy playing a round of senet or dogs and jackals, old Egyptian games.
If you were rich you could have everything right? Maybe not everything but a lot including toys. The rich had tons of toys many like the poor but, better. You could probably get a gold doll or a fancy toy. Now a poor person probably could only make your toys therefore they would be the same design just low quality. Whenever you get a new doll or toy remember they weren't always that cool.

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